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I'm interested in the following papers: Process-integrated learning and knowledge management
Starkloff, P. & Pook, K. (2001). Process-Integrated Learning: The ADVISOR Approach for Corporate Development.
Pook, K. & Starkloff, P. (2001). Geschäftsprozesse und Wissensmanagement - Vom Umgang mit erfolgskritischem Fachwissen.
Starkloff, P. & Müller, K. (2001). Learn to know your business with ADVISOR.
Education and instructional psychology
Zumbach, J. (2002). Weiterbildung online.
Zumbach, J. & Reimann, P. (2002). Enhancing learning from hypertext by inducing a goal orientation: comparing different approaches.
Zumbach, J. & Reimann, P. (2001). Analyse und Förderung komplexer Kooperation und Kollaboration in synchronen Lernumgebungen.
Zumbach, J., Reimann, P. & Koch, S. (2001). Influence of passive versus active information access to hypertextual information resources on cognitive and emotional parameters.
Reimann, P. & Zumbach, J. (2001). Design, Diskurs und Reflexion als zentrale Elemente virtueller Seminare.
Zumbach, J. & Reimann, P. (2001). Hypertext-Based Argumentation: Role of Tools, Motivation, And Cognition.
Learning with goal-based scenarios
Zumbach, J. & Reimann, P. (2003). Computerunterstütztes fallbasiertes Lernen: Goal-Based Scenarios und Problem-Based Learning.
Zumbach (2002). Goal-Based Scenarios.
Zumbach, J. & Reimann, P. (2000). Problem-Based Learning als konstruktivistischer Ansatz in der internetbasierten Umweltpädagogik.
Zumbach, J. & Reimann, P. (1998). Hypermedia as Learning Tools: A Goal-Based Scenario Approach.
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